Automotive Works in pastel

Despite not having attended kindergarten, Dan managed to graduate high school with the top honours in auto shop!


Art Car

1959 180 Merc, sitting in the snow which is fast leaving, the car has been painted by the owner Horst Loewel with his surreal scenes but has been sitting here in the broom for awhile and fading. I have painted others from his collection, these were the taxi's of the day.....the car is signed 18 x 24", pastel from life

Snow White meltdown

Back in the woods with a little melting snow, a White Super power growing into the woods(or vice versa) 18 x 24" $1750. unframed


Steelhead Stagecraft

December 12 on our way for seafood Sandra Spotted this parked in the transit lot at the French Creek Marina, a 30's Chevorlet which has lived on Lasquiti Island for awhile

Winter Trucks

Dec 8, back in the woods with snow, Errington, 24 x 18"

36 Ford

November 10th, working in an Errington wood along a Errington trail

some of my models are scattered in the background, 18 x 24" pastel from life $1750. unframed

Blast from the Past

July 30 at the Coombs Fairgrounds for 'Blast from the Past', a 33 Buick, 18 x 24" pastel

Rat Bike Return

We have just got back to this local as this area is under development, I have painted this 1972 Honda Scrambler(with rototiller engine) in the past, still a favourite subject in the woods next to the sea, 24 x 18"

34 Ford, Qualicum Beach

Fathers Day car show in Qualicum, I have painted at every one, I remember when there was a beer garden! 34 Ford, some light rain and lots of viewers, 18 x 24" pastel from life

Still Working 2016

June 8, the Ford that delivers our winter firewood parked at it's home in the woods(I have painted this truck a few years ago)

Neighbour Fire Truck

June 3, Neighbours Firetruck, 1969 International from the Oyster River Fire Dept. he keeps it full of water just in case, pastel from life, 24 x 18">

Winter Light

January 4, I went out to paint Mt Arrowsmith but the clouds had arrived so out to the Caddie Ranch where these are sitting in the sun, winter light at the Caddie ranch 70's Duster, 60's Buick, 50's Dodge 18 x 24" pastel from life

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