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D. F. Gray.... Pastels from life

Our Pacific Herring Spawn Event...and Pacific Black Brant Migration 2018

Lion of March

DF Gray

Rathtrevor Park yesterday a cold front came through as we arrived very dramatic but so windy, I walked around and found a windbreak of sorts also a bench to tie down to, while painting some Brant arrived posed for awhile, Lion of March pastel from life, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Parksville Beach Eve

DF Gray

March 2 the Herring fleet gathers the fishery is open, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Fishing the Spawn

DF Gray

March 3, the fishery opens and the harvest begins , 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

the Birdshow at Parksville Bay

DF Gray

March 4th, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Madrona Point

DF Gray

800 plus Brant Geese off Rathtrevor Park yesterday, gulls, Sea Lions, Eagles and of course Herring which were falling from the trees dropped by Eagles above, "fly like smoke" pastel from life, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Surfside Birds

DF Gray

out in the sun on the East coast of Canadas West coast watching the eagles herd the gulls, pastel from life, 18 x 24"" pastel from life, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Butterball Brant

DF Gray

March 18 off Eaglecrest warm day lots of Brant, Gulls ,Eagles 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

Brant in the Bay

DF Gray

Sandra hosts a Brant viewing event in Parksville community park again this year I get the opportunity to paint after the set up, 18 x 24" pastel $1750. unframed

Brant Point Morning

DF Gray

Brant Point Morning, today Sandra was leading a bird ID walk I got to paint, mating Eagles first thing, 1800 or so Brant, a constant Scoter fly by, and a Peregrine Falcon mixed in,18 x 24" pastel from lifep, 18 x 24" pastel $1750. unframed

Little Qualicum Brant

DF Gray

April 9, Pacific Black Brant at the Little Qualicum Estuary, working in the shelter of a wind break, they would be flushed by Eagles, aircraft and land again further down the beach so worked on the background until they would be flushed again and land in front of me, several birds had leg bands, indicating they were from Alaska, Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, 18 x 24" $1750. unframed

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